Exercise Myths


92% of all exercise equipment is useless. Why?
Only 8% of home exercise equipment is used. People buy treadmills, elypticals, rowing machines, do not use them, the 92% that are not used are useless ( because they are not used). They buy health club memberships and only 12% of those people use their memberships. That makes 88% of those healthclub memberships useless. 

Exercise is something that should be done on a daily basis to prevent illness and improve health and fitness. But 92% of the population is unable to do exercises that require 10 minutes or more. Most of us belong to this 92% of normal people that do not have the discipline to do any kind of exercise that requires 10 minutes or more. Only 8% of us belong to the abnormal people that have the required discipline to exercise. This means only 8% of home exercise equipment is used on a regular basis and 92% of exercise equipment is totally useless. It is useless because people do not use it.

That 92% of the population only becomes interested in doing exercise by the time their health and fitness has already deteriorated to the point where they are suffering illness and are in need of repair. They have aches and pains, their joints are deteriorating and they are very profitable customers for the illness industry that will sell them lots of tests, lots of pills and all sorts of treatments and operations.

Prevention is the obvious answer
You can prevent and cure illness with exercise. It has to be interval exercise that enhances the plasma circulation in all cell tissues of our body. But the problem is that most interval training requires more than 10 minutes per day, so only 8% of the population has the required discipline to do an exercise that requires 10 minutes or more. How to solve that problem? There are interval exercises that can be done in less than 5 minutes by highly trained athletes. Those exercises are not a solution for the 92% of people that are the ubdisciplined people that cannot do any exercise that requires 10 minutes or more. They are not athletes.

For those 92% of people there are only a few options. They can hire a personal trainer with a whip that forces them to do 30 minutes or more on the treadmil or an elyptical trainer or who will make them do 60 minutes of circuit weight training on machines or 60 minutes of free weights (with the occasional injuries). They can also look for exercise equipment that will give them the required interval training in 4 minutes where they do not need a personal trainer with a whip because most people are able to come up with 4 minutes of discipline. A survey of over 450 people that own one of the ROM360 4 minute per day exercise machines were using their machine to full advantage exactly 4 minutes per day, no more, no less.